Edvard Koinberg, born 1964 in Stockholm, Sweden

I have worked as freelance photographer and graphic designer since 1989, commissioned by press, businesses and organizations. Typical photographical assignments range from product images and interior decoration to features and documentation. I have also created graphic designs for printed matter, exhibitions etc.

The last few years I have focused on personal projects, where plants and gardens are recurring themes. This has resulted in a number of exhibitions (see my CV).

For example, I have worked with images inspired by historical persons, such as the exhibition "Skördetid" (Harvest Time) inspired by the natural scientist Olof Rudbeck´s 17th century flora. The current project "Under Floras gröna banér" (Under the green banner of Flora) deals with Carl Peter Thunberg, a disciple of Carl Linnaeus who visited Japan in the 1770s.

I have sought to depict plants following the artistic tradition of the swedish age of Enlightenment. Dutch painters from the 17th and 18th century have also been important inspirations.